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  • Process Plan

    Initial Meeting
    Our first meeting, which includes a site survey, is to discuss your requirements and aspects of any desired system and the technology involved. We can then verbally offer our opinion/recommendation on what the best equipment and installation strategy would be.
    Integration with Additional Trades
    SEA AUDIO VISUAL include liaising with additional trades as part of the installation. This includes Architects, Builders, Electricians, Plumbers and Interior Designers, to aid in the smooth running of the project and a seamless completion.
    Following the initial meeting we will prepare a detailed quotation, and present this in writing. This will highlight the equipment & materials required, as well as the installation costs. It is intended that the quotation will clearly demonstrate the different areas of cost, and it also enables you to add or subtract items from the project so that you can keep control of your expenditure.
    First Fix
    Once the system has been accepted and a start date agreed, all of the necessary cabling for the first fix can be installed into the property. The cabling is also tested at this point.
    Second Fix
    After all on-site trades have completed, the next step of the process is to install all the equipment necessary to complete the project. Everything is checked to ensure that the system is functioning correctly and to your requirements.
    Handover & Aftercare
    Handover is not complete until you are happy with the installation. We also realise that once you have ‘lived’ with it for a while, that there may be things that you would like to go over again or make fine adjustments. We are always there to provide additional support, or add any further services that you may find useful. Generally home automation can be built on to. Cabling can be installed into rooms in the first fix stage, even if they are not initially going to be fully utilised. Items such as Sky HD receivers, Plasma screens or Data points can create a whole new dimension to your home as and when it is convenient for you.